Digital Marketing Strategy - Building A Brand Universe

If the likes of Uber and Airbnb were born out of a non digital world, imagine how the business universe would have looked. Certainly not imaginable. Thanks to Social Media and Search engines, businesses are able to take approaches from being hyperlocal to global. They are now able to influence on how people think and control the push and pulls of their business.

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Data when blended with Creativity, will create a tipping point for your brand

A great product needs a greater marketing strategy!

I have been noticing this since a while now that marketing campaigns are literary not working for companies. There is a disconnect between the products and the audience. The campaigns overlook the fact that what attracts people is the content used with a particular brand. The lines just stay in the minds. Like, when we say ‘Just do it’, we know it’s ‘Nike’. OR ‘There are some things money

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