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Data when blended with Creativity, will create a tipping point for your brand

Posted by Varun Celly on Apr 17, 2017 7:38:01 PM
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A great product needs a greater marketing strategy!

I have been noticing this since a while now that marketing campaigns are literary not working for companies. There is a disconnect between the products and the audience. The campaigns overlook the fact that what attracts people is the content used with a particular brand. The lines just stay in the minds. Like, when we say ‘Just do it’, we know it’s ‘Nike’. OR ‘There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard’. The value they add up to the name is eminent.


Creative Strategy IS the secret weapon for a successful marketing strategy. Best and most benefits can be seen through Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term using strategies and technologies which have a digital orientation for advertising or creating an awareness in the market about your products and services.

In the last few years, digital marketing has definitely changed the way of utilizing technology for marketing campaigns. Gone are the days of taking efforts of being physically present for either marketing the brand or gaining knowledge about something. Now, the choices are in your hand. As digital platforms are progressively amalgamated into marketing plans and daily life, digital strategy is inevitably becoming more ubiquitous and efficacious.

From papyrus to painting to oral to prints and to digital transformation, marketing aspects have definitely emerged to be a strong segment for any industry.

One thing which has not changed so far is ‘Content’. It is always said that ‘actions speak louder than words’. But for me, the latter has definitely played the most important role in expressing the thoughts and ideas that emerged into the head, which is again very true for marketing aspects. Content, no doubt has always played the most crucial role in evincing the brands and services. The only change that has been noticed in the past few years, is the way it has started reading the minds of the consumers.

And ‘bingo’, that’s the whole idea! Just writing about the product doesn’t encourage or fascinate the consumers to even think about it. The advertisement or the marketing strategy actually has to create such an impact into the minds of the consumers that it keeps floating into their heads again and again. More importantly, there has to be an emotional click. And believe it or not, only a CREATIVE CONTENT can do this for you. I read a beautiful line about this which says, Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.”


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Organizations who have innovative minds with creative skills and who know how to beget a stark impact with their words on others minds, are absolutely in the thriving segment.

If we talk about something that every company has, probably that would be ‘DATA’. In the ocean of marketing strategies, this can be considered as the first step, but not the ONLY. Utilizing the initial mark as the foundation stone and leading ahead to use the data in the most meaningful way would immensely succor.

Here, the ingenious minds play a very important role. Creative strategies can do wonders with the data resulting in surprisingly prodigious success if used in the most intellectual way.

Once while reading a marketing campaign, the first word that came into my mind was ‘conventional’. I started thinking what was in it for me, nothing! When a content strategy is planned, it usually keeps the larger picture in perception which fails to conquer the world. See for individuals, their thoughts, requirements, understandings and concerns. Sounds kind of impossible to create a piece which matches with all, but that’s the art of creative writing.

Coming back to technological advancement, it has opened doors like never before. Isn’t it amazing that the creative strategies can be measured now! You actually can know what is working for you and what is not.

Google answers your questions in every way! Its analytical skills can sight what’s working for you. This data gives a clear idea about what the audience wants or is looking for.

Consumers transmogrify faster than the service providers. Make ingenuity a part of you!



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